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Month: July 2022

WeDigital Employees Determine Fake News From The Truth 

In May 2022, WeDigital decided to make a WeCare Series that aims to spread awareness on certain topics. Considering that the Philippines just underwent a huge event (the presidential elections) that triggered the spread of fake news online. A lot of people became careful, discerning, and cautious about what they post, share, and generally believe …

WeDigital Employees Determine Fake News From The Truth  Read More »

5 Google Search Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner!

Don’t know the meaning of some random Japanese sign? Google it. Forgot the song title but know the lyrics? It’s probably on Google! Or how about if you want another word for  “efficient” but your brain cells just can’t work anymore? Yep, Google it! If there’s someone who knows everything about anything, it’s probably Google. …

5 Google Search Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner! Read More »


6 Tools To Efficiently Schedule Your Social Media Posting

Social media posting is a commitment like no other. For those who want to succeed and gain recognition, thousands of followers, and likes, you can’t just blindly post stuff on a regular basis (you can, but it’s not preferred). Although being active online is one of the key factors in gaining social media credibility, it …

6 Tools To Efficiently Schedule Your Social Media Posting Read More »

10 Commandments For A Healthy Client-Agency Relationship

Every digital marketing agency aims for businesses to establish their brand and thrive through consistent posting and being in line with trends. But the center of it all (work-wise) is the business relationship shared between both parties. Like any other relationship, client and agency relationships are fickle but sweet. It is a bond wherein trust …

10 Commandments For A Healthy Client-Agency Relationship Read More »

Business Owner’s “What If’s” Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has some huge advantages (considering that it’s done right). With the right strategy, digital marketing can shoot your business to new heights. However, as business owners, there is an insatiable urge to always be sure of your decisions when it comes to growing your business. One of the grueling decisions to make is …

Business Owner’s “What If’s” Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Read More »

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Search engine optimization

Google is a competitive world, and it's fairly difficult to rank first on search bars without having your websites SEO optimized. Our SEO service can make your website more searchable by making sure it complies with the SEO standards!

From competitive keywords, blog articles, being mobile responsive, and a lot more white hat SEO hacks, your website's sure to take the #1 spot in no time!

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Hosting Services

What is the use of a website if it is not properly seen and browsed by consumers and possible target market online? A good hosting service is the backbone of every website and unstable hosting can cause your site unwanted downtimes from time to time.

We provide hosting services that are reliable and secure, making sure that your website is working smoothly around the clock.

E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites often experience downsides when it comes to navigation, checkout pages, and the layout of products. Our service aims for a seamless user experience by building a secure and trustworthy website that visitors will enjoy browsing through.

Templated Website

Conceptualizing and exploring different website layouts can become time-consuming especially if it’s one that you need right away. Our variety of templated websites is simple, modern, aesthetically pleasing, and can give you all the necessary functions that a website needs.

Custom WordPress

Many businesses still choose to use pre-made templates with the notion that it is easier and faster to make. This is indeed true. However, this will also sacrifice the originality and potential of your website.

Our custom WordPress service can provide you with a sturdy, well-functioning website complete with the necessary pages and functions that a website requires. It is also equipped with an original design that can suit your business’ character and identity.

Branding and Graphic Design

Most branding and graphic designs fail to mirror the purpose and character of the brand. The perfect branding and graphic design is a symbol that shows your customers what makes you, you. And for most brands, it takes multiple design concepts to choose the one perfect branding design.

Our branding services and graphic design services align to the taste of not just a certain audience, but the whole of it. We cater to the real deal, from branding case studies to the very definition of each element. We’ll make certain that every detail is carefully aligned to the business’s identity.

Google Ads Management

Owning websites is great for credibility purposes. But the important question stands, is your site showing up on Google search? Truth be told, the competition to be first on Google search is a cut-throat ordeal.

Nevertheless, our Google Ads Management services can lead you to the top of the search bars with ease. One of its winning highlights is its ability for you to specify your target audience through age, location, devices, and keywords.

Facebook Ads management

Consistent posting on social media and hopping on the trend train might not be enough to gain you the exposure you desire. Facebook Ads Management allows you to be twice as visible to your target audience at a cost.

Our Facebook Ads Management services will allow your business to show up on the feed of your niche markets, certain locations of your preferred target audience, and apply your desired search terms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a robust role in targeting potential consumers for businesses. But despite its evident influence on people, most businesses still struggle to keep up with trendy social media tactics while balancing corporate duties.

Our social media marketing services can provide efficient social media marketing strategies to make your presence profound on the digital platform. It will consist of thorough competitor analysis, data-driven results, research, and monthly reporting.