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WeDigital Employees Determine Fake News From The Truth 

determining fake news

In May 2022, WeDigital decided to make a WeCare Series that aims to spread awareness on certain topics. Considering that the Philippines just underwent a huge event (the presidential elections) that triggered the spread of fake news online. A lot of people became careful, discerning, and cautious about what they post, share, and generally believe online. So we constantly ask ourselves, which one is true and which one isn’t? In this video, we want to know how much our employees know about factual news and fake information. Can they tell which one is which?

But first, let’s see how we can honestly tell the factual news from the fake ones.

Misinformation is a global phenomenon in a time when all people can share, post, and include their own opinion. And sometimes highfaluting words and (maybe) photoshopped photos can be enough to sway people’s thoughts. You see, it’s all fun and games until it blurs the truth. So, here are ways how you can determine the truth from the fake ones…

1 Who posted it?

It must at least be an authorized news personnel or from a legitimate news site. Don’t easily believe everything you see online unless it is proven by facts and if it is posted on news sites. Make it a habit to always scrutinize news information. If it’s posed by some passerby, there’s a high chance that the information you’re reading is not the entire story. 

2 Don’t be easily fooled by images.

Advanced software can also play an important role in spreading misinformation. Professional editors nowadays can easily manipulate photos, so don’t believe everything you see online. Take note that there can also be subtle hints to know if a picture is photoshopped or not. 

  • Notice the shadows if it doesn’t match the lighting.
  • If the lighting looks manipulated.
  • Disfigured or blurred portions of the image.
  • Uneven tones or color.
  • Watch the background if it’s warped.

3 Be critical with everything you read

Develop a discerning mind. Question, question, question! It’s essential to ask yourself who posted the information. This is not the time to see and believe, rather, it’s more ideal to be critical about everything we read online. Yes, we can say that the most reliable sources come from verified resources, but let’s not leave out the others as well since they can also be a source for reliable information (still depends!).

Take it this way, if someone is involved in an accident, his or her words are much more valuable since he/she experienced it firsthand. People who are “not there” even if it’s a person from a known news site will only gain secondhand information from people who are present in the incident. So always, always, always be critical with everything you read online.

4 Evidence is everything!

You can’t win a case unless you have proof of what you’re saying. When you come upon news online, it’s also important to look for evidence in the matter. Here are some things you should look for…

  • Did they take excepts from the actual events?
  • Survey data
  • Official statistics
  • Actual photos of events (that are not manipulated)

Did the WeDigital employees pass the fake news test?

WeDigital employees are given a couple of news reports from different sources. The challenge is if they can determine fake news from legitimate ones. Luckily, all chosen employees chose all the right ones from the wrong. At the end of the video, all employees also gave some advice on how they (and you!) can further prevent the spreading of fake news online or anywhere in fact! Here’s our takeaway…

  • Share legitimate source that actually has factual evidence.
  • Explain or comment on the link of the legitimate news.
  • Report the sources who are spreading fake news.
  • Be aware. If you’ve already determined that it’s fake news, then don’t share it anymore.

This is just a jist of what our WeDigital employees advised other online users on how they can diminish the spread of fake news. Watch the full interview on our Facebook Page.

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