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Kinds Of Social Media Influencers

Influencers are popping up everywhere on the internet. From nobody to somebody, anyone can now achieve overnight fame. It’s an evident fact that being online has become the hottest trend of the new generation, and everyone wants to be a part of it. Nevertheless, you can’t achieve a million followers without gripping content. And when content comes to play, the more creative, the better. As an influencer or an aspiring one, a big defining factor for you will be the things you post. So which type of influencer do you think you are?

Determining your influencer type with your number of followers…

You can’t be an influencer with only a hundred followers (it sounds harsh but sadly this is the standard that we live up to). Being an influencer is going out there and reaching out to a bigger audience. You can easily be determined what kind of influencer you are based on your content, but do you know what kind of influencer you are in relation to your follower count? Here, we’ll be discussing four types of followers based on their numbers. 

  1. Nano Influencer – 1k to 10k followers

They hold an intimate but steady follower count. They still have a long way to go. But nevertheless, they are already deemed as influencers. Mainly, nano influencers post to a specific market. 

  1. Micro Influencer – 10k to 100k followers

Micro influencers have a healthy sum of followers. With a lot of potential in their content and postings, they are still required to put effort into engaging their audiences. Relatively, if you want to reach a decent amount of audience, then opt for a micro influencer. It’s a plus if he/she already has experience with working with brands but with this kind of follower base, there’s a huge chance that they already have.

  1. Macro Influencer – 100k to 1M followers

True blue content creators. With one hundred thousand to one million people watching them and tuning in to their posts (whether these are videos, blogs, or simply brand endorsements) they know how to capture the attention of their audiences. Macro Influencers are usually creators of Youtube Videos, Podcasts, Food Blogs, etc. Basically, they are also considered as minor celebrities. 

  1. Mega Influencer – 1M followers (and up)

Known to be the big shot influencers. Well loved by the public, these mega influencers have at least a million followers on their social media pages. Mega influencers also makes way for celebrities as they are also fall on this category. When you have this kind of follower count, you’re not only catering to a specific group but also numerous ones as well.

The influencer you are based on your type of content!

If we discussed what type of influencer you are with your followers, then let’s talk about your type of content. Your content makes all the difference in the world. Are you catering to a specific group? Are you targeting different walks of life, etc? There’s a lot of things under the sun so which one are you focusing on? Find out below!

We heart Celebrities!

There is a very thin line between celebrities and influencers. Technically speaking, when we think of influencers, they are the ones who have achieved fame solely through the internet. Meanwhile,  celebrities have grown their stardom through television and shows. Considering the popularity of celebrities, they instantly pass off as influencers.

aubrey miles instagram
yassi presman instagram

B2C classes prefer celebrities because of their established reach. B2C classes are big and well known brands that can pay talent fees of celebrities.

Our favorite employee!

Many people find it interesting to know the inner workings of things and who knows the ins and outs of a company more than its employees? One very good way for business to be in trend is with the use of very relatable and fun employees to showcase the workplace environment. It can be anything really! From content like “a day in the life of a…” or the simple perks that your company holds.

So if you’re an employee of a company who loves posting relatable work life in his/her media pages then an employee influencer might just be you!

shopee employees on tiktok
shoppee ph tiktok
pandora employee on tiktok
sarah daisy tiktok

The witty subject matter experts

If you’re specializing in a certain subject, industry, or job then you might be a subject matter influencer. It’s common knowledge that all information we need is online. However, what makes subject matter influencers much more interesting is they tend to know things that are out of our common knowledge. They tend to know things that make us “ooohhh” and “aaahhh”. 

Ideally, influencers who fall under this category are nurses, lawyers, doctors, trendsetters, etc, who are on social media and who are gaining followers through their expertise in their chosen subject. 

So if you’re posting content about valuable knowledge to your profession or hobbies then you might just be one of our witty subject matter experts.

erika berg tiktok
doctor mike tiktok


People love seeing photographs online whether it’s travel photos, celebrities, food, pets, and tons more. However, you don’t have to be a professional to score high followers on social media in this field. As long as you can produce insane photos then you’re in. So if you have a passion for photography, you might as well fit right into our, um, photographer influencer category!

bi pascual instagram

Already know which type you are?

There you have it! These are the most saturated influencer types we see online. Head over to our website to know more about digital marketing. If you’re interested to do business with us, just give us a ring! We’re very interested to know your thoughts.


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