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How to Attract Creativity?

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Creativity takes center stage in everything that we do. Whether you’re working in media, publications, or even in a corporate setting, creativity will take place somewhere and somehow. So what do we do when we run out of it? A seemingly simple question that affects every young soul (or even seasoned ones). Yes, creativity is prone to running out too. And not to mention, it’s also one of the recurring dilemmas we face not once but multiple times.   

The solution…

If you feel like you’re lacking creativity, there are a couple of things on how you can attract it back to you. Just so we’re clear, it’s totally normal to sometimes feel uninspired. The biggest irony of it all?  It mostly happens to people who are involved in a more creative industry. 

However, what seems like an unsolvable thing can actually be remedied by simple approaches. Here are ways on how you can cultivate your creativity.

Set the mood right.

When you’re feeling unmotivated, try doing something that puts you in a good mood. Something that can uplift your spirits. It’s a given fact that there are certain activities (or day-to-day rituals) that we just cannot live without. May it be taking a cup of coffee in the morning, playing relaxing music, or squeezing in a short run before work, it all makes the difference in the world once we do it and most especially when we don’t. 

So when you feel the creative strain creeping on you, try and set the mood right by doing small activities that can make you happy. That’ll surely put your spirits back into play!

Do some playful scrolling.

If the creative prowess is not coming to you, then go and venture for it! We are living in a time wherein knowledge is readily accessible. And if you’re having a hard time not knowing what to do next, why not scroll through your idols and other people’s work? Not to copy, but to ignite insights and concepts. 

People often think that being creative is something that comes naturally (maybe to some people it does) but one thing that’s undeniable is the fact that no matter how good you are, beautiful ideas are not something that you can readily whip out. Sometimes it also takes a considerable amount of thought and creative process. Because let’s face it, you’re not only thinking about aesthetic designs, you’ll also be thinking about something that can actually work.

Therefore, taking a break from strenuous thinking and simply scrolling through creative pages can surely spark new ideas for you.

Exercise your creative spirit.

Feeling stuck in the rut? Try doing something that can unleash your inner creativity. When things get a bit repetitive, creativity declines. The simple reason for this is you’re not being challenged anymore. Our creative prowess becomes dormant when we become comfortable at a certain point. Try exploring a new tool or a different art style. That’ll surely keep your wheels going.

Don’t overwork.

We are all victims of sinking into the black hole of being overworked, and we cannot reiterate enough that too much work can drain you out mentally, physically, and creatively. It’s no secret that working in a creative industry can sometimes cause burnout from the pressures of constantly keeping up with trends. However, if you keep pushing yourself knowing that you’ve reached your limit, it will only garner you mediocre results. 

Point is, everyone needs a pause. And you’ll never know, maybe the simple act of relaxing is all you need to attract creativity. 

Reward yourself.

Rewarding yourself is also a good way to stay motivated. After all, we should always reap what we sow.  Having something to look forward to after a long hard day’s work also proves very beneficial to keep you going. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be extravagant, but rather, it should something be immensely enjoyable for you. Nothing like a sweetener as fuel to boost you to work harder and better.

Want to know more?

There you have it! 5 proven and tested tips on how you can ultimately attract creativity. Head over to our website to know more about digital marketing. If you’re interested to do business with us, just give us a ring! We’re very interested to know your thoughts.

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