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5 Color Inspiration Tips for Mixing and Matching

Color combinations play a significant part not just in your branding but in your posts as well. Do it right, and it is an iconic feature in the long run. Take McDonald’s as an example. The iconic yellow “M” has been a staple for fast food since it came out. The recall is so powerful that people instantly recognize the brand whenever they see the yellow letter “M”. Considering its impact on the audience, color matching became an important undertaking especially when you’re about to start your own brand. Here, we are going to give you five color inspiration tips so you can mix and match them beautifully!

What makes colors important?

Colors don’t simply “lively” up the brand, but it gives something more to the table than just bringing “color” (if you know what we mean). Remember that colors are associated with emotions. Here’s a quick color guide to emotions! While you browse through them, try to think of brands that correspond to them. 

What color is associated with emotions?

  • Red –  Anger, passion, intensity, energy
  • Yellow – Happiness, optimism, cheery, laughter
  • Blue – Calmness, serenity, safety, loyalty, truth
  • Pink –  Romance, love, gentleness
  • Orange – Wealth, prosperity, enthusiasm, stimulation
  • Black – Authority, power, strength, sophistication
  • White – Purity, innocence, cleanliness
  • Green – Growth, harmony, health, tranquility

One color can already bring so much to the table, just imagine mixing and matching different kinds! If you’re applying them to your social pages, however, 2-3 more colors can accompany your main one. But beware to choose the right one since this will eventually set the mood and tone of your brand. 

Color Inspiration Tips

It’s a difficult choice to make, we know! There are so many beautiful and rich colors to choose from. However, to make things easier for you, simply relate the colors to your brand. Listen to your brand voice, and it’s practically going to reveal the colors that resonate with the brand itself. But, if you need a little of an eye-opener, then use these color inspiration tips for good use!

1 Take pictures of colors that look nice to you.

Just watch your surroundings! Whatever looks good in the eyes, take a snap of it. It could be something simple as flowers or food. You can also take photos of different landscapes or even fashion trends. This can be a color inspiration for future use. With advanced technology today, you can ideally make a palette with your photos. 

2 Use a color wheel!

Never underestimate a color wheel! They are still useful when it comes to taking color inspiration. Just remember to keep in mind that colors are the friends of their neighbors and opposite them are lovers. Sounds pretty romantic? Just wait till your chosen colors transcend to your brand and your social media posts! 

3 Do color mood boards!

If you love scrapbooking then you’ll definitely enjoy doing this one. A color mood board is a combination of all the colors you see beautiful, being compiled in one board. This way, when it all comes together, you can see the whole vibe of it. Sometimes when we choose colors, we take fancy to them at first glance, but, when they come together in one (let’s say) graphic, it may look somewhat different than you expected. A color mood board can help you see the whole picture of things.

4 Make use of color swatches.

These are sample colors that you can take everywhere! If you’re a bit skeptical about saving your preferred colors in your devices and are opting for something you can physically carry, then color swatches are for you! This way, you can compare and put together the right color combination that suits well for your brand. 

Plus, if you’re looking for a flurry of different colors and hues, then looking at different color palettes might just open your eyes to a variety of different options to choose from. 

5 Take inspiration from environmental color schemes.

From sunsets, the colors of the ocean, vast mountain views, the sky’s hues, colors of different rock formations, etc, our world is one colorful thing. Color palettes live around us if we pay more attention to them. So if you want a refreshing take on color inspirations, then just look at the sceneries around you.

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