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Promoting Businesses Through Social Media

What once was a platform for simply connecting with friends and showcasing day-to-day activities has now become one of the most competitive and vicious channels for brand awareness and business promotions. Least to say, it has now become the go-to platform of every entrepreneur. To this day, social media for businesses is no longer an option but has become a vital part for them to continuously grow and widen their market. 

Getting started with social media can be intimidating even for established enterprises. This is because people go to these platforms with one goal in mind, and that’s to become a viral success. We’ve seen a lot of instances wherein big brands make an online presence and have so little engagement. You might wonder what went wrong? This is a simple case of figuring out a good social media strategy.

Being online might sound easier than it’s actually done, this we can assure you of.  When people are always looking for something new, and something interesting, you have to live up to expectations. It’s always smart to post relevant and timely content. But that’s just the gist of it. Here, we’ll tell you other strategies that can boost your business’ promotions up a notch.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

Sharing your content on the right platforms is crucial to your success, so choose your platforms wisely. Ultimately, this leads us to the question, how do I know which social media to use?

First off, you would want to determine your target market. After you’ve carefully analyzed your consumers, create accounts on the platforms they most frequently use. This way, they’ll have a chance to easily connect with you. On the flip side, you shouldn’t solely focus on your consumers. Align your platform to the product you’re selling. For example, your business is into photography. Therefore, Instagram is the most obvious choice.

2. Create a Calendar

Refrain from scrambling on post ideas. A successful online business is strategically planned and organized. Lack of organization can lead to repetitive posting and we don’t want that do we? It can create a numbing effect on your site when you continuously post at the wrong hours and on the wrong dates. Still, there’s a chance to put this all in a well thought out plan through a social media calendar. Creating one can reduce mistakes and it can lead to more effective posts in the future.

What’s more? This can also allow you to include strategies and it will enable you to track your progress with your posts. It’s advisable for you to use a regular calendar (whether it be digital or physical) for each social media channel. From there, you can plan out your posts in advance, complete with hashtags, links, images, and other content!

3. Fire up your encouragement game!

Social media’s use is not all about entertainment. Mainly, it is a tool used to connect to people all around the world. And how do we do that? Simple! By encouraging interaction through postings. Attractive graphics and fun captions are just the gist of the entirety of using social media. In order to saturate the internet and gain attention, try going beyond.

You can start by asking questions, reposting, commenting on other people’s posts, playing games, and a lot more.  These are simple ideas that can boost your social capability. Firing up your encouragement game can lead you to promising connections and genuine interactions!

4. Don’t Over-Promote

The fact that it is so easy to make posts and share it on social media makes it one of the deadliest mistakes businesses can make. A tip? Don’t treat social media like advertising. You don’t want to create fatigue with your audience by promoting yourself in every post you make. Make it a point to release content that people can enjoy and relate to.  

One useful technique is using the one-in-seven rule. So how do you apply this with postings? It’s simple. For every promotional post you make, six others should be content-based. For these other six posts, try sharing articles, commenting on other posts, share techniques, join a trend, and the such. The point is, you don’t always have to mention your brand in these posts, as its goal is not to sell but to engage. Just try to be careful not to sell too hard. 

5. Share Video

Want a complete attention grabbing post? A sure-fire hit are videos! This is the perfect place for you to freely express your passions and your brand’s personality to your target audience. Visual content has the power to stand out because moving pictures are more distinctive when you’re scrolling through social media. 

In this case, people will feel more compelled to watch it and engage with it than posts (but this does not ultimately diminish the power of posting). By having video content, it will enable you to say more than you could. The key here is to make fascinating narratives that can truly grip your audience’s attention. Try relating your product to real life events, or tell something that’s uncommon about your products. Those simple ideas ought to do the trick!

6. Build a Community

Believe us when we say, you’ll likely be swimming in deeper waters when you’re on social media. And in such cases, you might want to find your own school of fishes for survival purposes. One of the biggest determining factors of being a viral success is the number of followers you have. However, this isn’t always the point. Focusing on finding customers who are loyal and totally engaged in your product is also very beneficial. These people will likely become your customers who will follow, like, and repost your content. 

A community for your brand will help you boost sales and revenue in ways you didn’t think possible. The people in that community will help you promote your content, engage with your brand, and help you gain brand awareness on other platforms. But it won’t work without a little push. Don’t be shy to make connections and reach out to social media influencers by asking for a product review or a product feature!

7. Provide Value

Posting for content is one thing, but creating valuable postings is another. People on social media (and yes, those are billions of people) prefer to see social media content that is useful. Content like this can be telling them something that they’ve probably don’t know before, something that makes them laugh, a tip or a technique that they can apply on a day to day basis, and anything that can prove to be beneficial to them.

This type of content in social media is what will attract the right customers. Who doesn’t want to follow relatable and useful content? Ultimately, if you perfect this method, then no doubt that you’re already a step closer to a successful social media marketing campaign!

A final note…

Remember that there are 3 billion people on social media. It’s practically a goldmine for new customers, potential customers, and repeat customers for your business. Learn how to play your social media game right and those prospects might just be yours. 


10 of the Best Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

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