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5 Most Used Fonts In Marketing

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Before we learned how to read, we were first taught the alphabet. Letters turned to words, words that turned to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and pages, and so on. Fonts have personalities too. Whether you relate to it or not, determines your attitude towards the brand. In marketing, the use of fonts and typefaces affects how the brand is received by the people significantly. If your text is not readable, the message ultimately will not come across to your audience.

Difference between Typeface and Fonts

Fonts and typeface are often used interchangeably but they are very different from each other. Typeface is a family of fonts with distinct features. Brands commonly use the typefaces Serif, Sans Serif, and decorative. Serif fonts, characterized by little tails at the end of each character, send an impression of old-world class, formality, and timelessness. The word “serif” came from the word screef, of Dutch origin, which means stroke or line. Additionally, it is commonly associated with being formal and classic. Here are some brands that use Serif font.

tiffany & co.
mercedes benz

Sans Serif, on the other hand, is the typeface without tails at the end of each character. The word Sans is of French origin that means without. Often associated with modernity, technology, and minimalism. Sans Serif is widely used in the digital world because serifs (tails) can disappear or make a text look big. Here are brands that resonate with it.


Meant to stand out, decorative typefaces are out of the ordinary. Brands that use these kinds of fonts or typefaces aim to stand out, project creativity, and challenge boundaries. Decorative typefaces can be handwritten or digitally manipulated. Here are some brands that use decorative typefaces.

baskin robbins
coca cola

Fonts are the more specified way of identifying a glyph. It came from the French word “fonte” which means cast in metal. It is under a specific typeface. Basically, how a typeface is presented is differentiated by fonts. 

Factors to consider in choosing the font and typeface for your brand

Choosing the font or typeface for your brand is essential to your brand. The look, the feel, and then the impression depend on how your message is presented by your material. According to MDG Marketing, 75% of consumers judge a brand by its web design. While 72% of them said that the packaging affects their decision-making. This is why it is so important to choose the fonts and typefaces wisely for your brand. Indeed, fonts and typefaces greatly affect your brand’s marketing.

1. Your brand. Fonts communicate differently. There are some that look very professional, some may look quirky, some even homey. You decide which impression you’d like to give off to your audience. Also, fonts convey a message. A font targets a specific kind of audience. Certainly, you have to match your target market to the font’s target audience. Let the fonts reach the audience for you.

2. Readability. If you are not going to use vectors or images for your brand, you have to consider how the font appears in the eye of your target audience. Surely, you would want your brand to stand out and create a lasting impact on the audience. Fonts and colors aid the recall of people significantly. Nonetheless, if the fonts are readable, people will take more time to read and understand your material. 

5 most used fonts in marketing

Proxima Nova

Designed in 2005 by Mark Romson, Proxima Nova looks edgy but still approachable. Because of its versatility, it is used widely in the digital landscape.

proxima nova


Despite being designed in the 1800s, it is widely used by luxury brands. It is used by luxury brands because of its classic look. However, it may not be good for long reading.



A font made in 1927 by Paul Renner, Futura is evidently a crowd favorite. From luxury brands to middle-class brands, this font is undeniably a top choice .



It was made by Julieta Ulanovski to embody and preserve her city, Montserrat. This futuristic font perfectly combines traditional and modern elements surprisingly. Indeed, this is an effective way of preservation of culture.



Geometrical but with smooth curves, Choplin is both unconventional and bold. Designed by Rene Bieder, it is usually used in editorials and magazines.


That’s it! We hope this article helps you decide on choosing your font and typeface for your brand! Lastly, choose wisely!

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