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5 Social Media Management Tips To Increase Productivity!

Manage your social media using these five helpful tips to encourage more productivity. Working on multiple platforms can become an excruciating task. People on the outside may think this is simply a post and create a life circle, but it can be more technical than that. Every social media manager out there knows that handling multiple social media takes tremendous skill, commitment, and consistency. Here are five social media management tips for you to increase productivity!

Identify the best platform for your brand

Consider this as a strategic approach. Not all brands have the same needs, goals, and target audiences. With this said, identifying the perfect platform where your brand can strive and grow can be of vital importance. The “big five” platforms that are usually saturated by businesses are, of course, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tiktok. While it might be tempting to try everything for the brand, keep in mind that you also might just be setting yourself up for a wasted time (yes, that’s the effect of putting up your business on a platform it is not compatible with). 

This is why it’s very important for social media managers to assess and study the brand beforehand. This will help them determine the best platform to use for the brand and if it’s the right time to target it. 

Don’t be afraid to recycle content strategically

We all have this preconceived idea that we need to bring out trendy “in-the-now” content. But in truth, this is not always the case. With that thought in mind, don’t be afraid to recycle old but good content. It doesn’t have to be the exact same kind, but rather, you can start by repurposing the best content you’ve made. These types of content might prove to perform better on different brands. 

Make it a habit to monitor, adapt, and track social media performances

Don’t just leave your posts hanging around social media when they’re posted. Look and monitor their performances as well. Are there a lot of people commenting? Are there a lot of engagements? Do people comment? Those things matter so you know which kinds of posts your target audience prefers. Keep in mind that trends are also fast-changing and evolving. This is also a good way to trach the kinds of posts you’ve made through the months so you can apply more strategic content for future posting.

Minimize distractions

Don’t worry! All social media managers fall prey to the claws of getting distracted. Set your phone on silent or put it far far away from you! This is the number one cause of distraction for people who are working. It’s so easy to open your phone and check notifications. Those “little” breaks you take scrolling on Instagram and Facebook? Proceed with caution as it can lead to “doom scrolling”. Once you start, you might have a hard time stopping.  

Use scheduling tools!

Schedule posts in advance with the use of social media tools. Handling multiple brands and posting them on different platforms can be quite taxing. Using social media posting tools can make your life a lot easier. This way, you can plan and strategize your content accordingly and post them in advance. 

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